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Example of 37 FTS at Columbus AFB. Highly detailed and hand-painted by our talented craftsmen.
Randolph 559 FTS.
Here's a picture of the 8 FTS at Vance. If your squadron is not pictured here - don't worry, we have all the tail flashes on file here at Fly Boys.
Another example here, this time of the 85 FTS at Laughlin.
Iraqi Air Force - i3 Training Program.
Item Code: SBST6P

T-6 Texan Painted Briefing Stick

Our Price: $69.95
Only large custom orders are able to be produced.
This item is currently unavailable. Check back later or contact us for more information.

Item Description

Quality briefing sticks are a must have for instructors and students alike. These scale models of the T-6 Texan II are exact replicas of the real thing! Constructed of high-density, injection-molded resin that is resistant to bumps, scuffs and dings and holds up well in a training environment. 100% accurate in every detail. Size 7" long and 7" wingspan.

There is no substitute for this kind of teaching device when you're preparing for your next mission.

In any phase of training, these briefing sticks will help to demonstrate and back up your verbal instruction with the real references for angles and sight pictures. Contact, formation and even instrument briefings will take on a new meaning to your students when they can actually "see" what you're talking about before stepping to the aircraft to do the real thing. The ability to demonstrate rejoin lines using the actual references on the aircraft make these sticks a cheap way to get your point across and make the time in the jet so much more valuable and productive. This product is manufactured exclusively for Fly Boys and is a must have for every instructor. Student pilots will benefit from having this as well; after the mission or preparing for your next mission, you'll be able to reconstruct what you saw versus what you should see!

Each stick includes a polished stainless steel rod, comfy plastic handle and hardware and is pre-assembled. (Only the red and blue unpainted sticks require assembly.)

Painted in generic USAF paint scheme as well as the squadrons indicated on the options list. Additional custom squadron tail markings may be available - please CALL for details if you don't see your squadron listed in the options category. Please note that our custom painted sticks are painted by hand and this process takes time. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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