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The EFB that Pilots love.

Specifically developed for the airline and aviation industry - Now the fastest growing EFB solution in the world for commercial operators with over 150 airlines using the PIVOT system.

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Specifically developed for the airline and aviation industry, PIVOT and its patent-pending mount system actually works perfectly for any professional user. The fact that you're here is proof that you are either searching for something to make your iPad-dense professional and personal life easier, or your company has already invested in this case to do this for you, and you want to learn more about PIVOT. Either way, glad you're here.

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Why Pivot?

PIVOT was born from the need to provide safe, ergonomic, and cost-effective mounting solutions for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) tablets.

As the future of aviation unfolds, we will continue to see advances in technology, allowing tablets like the iPad 11" Pro and Mini 5 to play even greater roles in civilian cockpits and commercial flight decks in fleets across the globe. Tablets are transforming flight operations and pilot interactions with aircraft, and are attractive on many levels. Program cost, fuel-savings, operational efficiency, employee flexibility, and chart accuracy are a few of the drivers behind the push to transition from traditional paper to Electronic Flight Bags.