PIVOT Gen 7 iPad Case - the PC-10X Now Available!!
Item Code: PC-MN5-E

PIVOT Case for iPad Mini (5th Gen)

Our Price: $139.95
NEW for iPad Mini 5th Generation!

***This case FITS Mini 4 or 5 ONLY!
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BLACK (out of stock)

Item Description

This Mini 5th Gen PIVOT case is amazing! Thanks for waiting so patiently. Currently available in GRAY body with black clip and also an all BLACK version.No other color combinations are planned for this model.

Mini Gen 5 Case Improvements:

  • Stainless steel pin connnector for clip. Incredibly tough. No more broken clips.
  • Open port and button access allows a wider fit-range for headphones and charging cables.
  • All polycarbonate top plate. No silicone trim for the screen edge. Precision gesturing out to the screen edge and no long-term issue with cracking silicone seen in previous generations.
  • New, improved crease in the hinge to reduce bounce in Horizontal Folio Viewing Mode.
  • Compatibilty with Mini4. The new Mini 5th Gen has additional mic location added.

  • ID window on back panel.
  • Rubber Feet on back panel.
  • Folio Features:

    • Molded plastic folio cover.
    • Inner-cover ridges 'Nest' inside screen concave for a perfect fit every time. This prevents any sliding, shifting that may activate auto-sleep magnets.
    • Combination of soft, flexible rubber combined with rigid inner polycarbonate shell and hinge support.
    • Improved viewing positions with new feet and deeper footwells.

    Dimensions: 8 1/4 x 5 3/4 by 7/8 with a folio attached and closed. The thickness is reduced to 3/4 when in use and the folio is removed.

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