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Item Code: PC-MN5-E

PIVOT Case for iPad Mini (5th Gen)

Our Price: $139.95
PIVOT Case for iPad Mini 5th Generation
FITS both Mini 4 and Mini 5
Select Color: 
BLACK - available to ship on 15 Aug

Item Description

This Mini 5th Gen PIVOT case is here.

Mini Gen 5 Case Improvements:

  • Stainless steel pin connnector for clip. Incredibly tough. No more broken clips.
  • Open port and button access allows a wider fit-range for headphones and charging cables.
  • All polycarbonate top plate. No silicone trim for the screen edge. Precision gesturing out to the screen edge and no long-term issue with cracking silicone seen in previous generations.
  • New, improved crease in the hinge to reduce bounce in Horizontal Folio Viewing Mode.
  • Compatibilty with Mini4. The new Mini 5th Gen has additional mic location added.

  • ID window on back panel.
  • Rubber Feet on back panel.
  • Folio Features:

    • Molded plastic folio cover.
    • Inner-cover ridges 'Nest' inside screen concave for a perfect fit every time. This prevents any sliding, shifting that may activate auto-sleep magnets.
    • Combination of soft, flexible rubber combined with rigid inner polycarbonate shell and hinge support.
    • Improved viewing positions with new feet and deeper footwells.

    Dimensions: 8 1/4” x 5 3/4” by 7/8” with a folio attached and closed. The thickness is reduced to 3/4” when in use and the folio is removed.

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