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Easy installation, remove clipboard, insert into clipboard slot and route strap for full security.
Item Code: PC-ADAPT-1316

Low Profile Kneeboard Adapter

Our Price: $29.95
New and In Stock!
Does not include kneeboard.

Item Description

Our new Low Profile Kneeboard adapter is the newest product available at PIVOT Case. Our molded base and rotating mounting plate offer the slimmest, most secure design for mounting your device on your thigh.

This kneeboard insert is a folding clipboard replacement. Just insert into the clipboard pocket, feed the map strap under and through the mounting plate, and you're good to go!


  • Rubberized back for stability
  • Molded base with rotating detents every 30 degrees
  • Upper and lower supports for the case back for greater stability.
  • Base Plate is based on the VESA standard for custom mount compatibility.

This item only works with PIVOT Cases.

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