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Item Code: PC-809DBL-RM-MED-COMP

Double Suction Cup PIVOT Mount with RAM Compatibility

Our Price: $149.95
This setup is completely custom made. This is the ONLY place to get a mount like this.

Now with 1" Ball compatibility, there's nothing this mount can't do!

Queue Jumper (+1.95):

Item Description

1" ball compatibility not optional? Feel like you need an even more rock solid mount for your device? Maybe your prop is out of balance...

Our new DOUBLE Suction Cup mount, with this exact setup in use at FedEx Express, utilizes the RAM 1" Ball system as an intermediate pathway to our PPK-1 Mounting Plate.

This mount utilizes the SUPERIOR Panavise suction cup (the same utilized by GoPro), a 3.69" double socket arm and a custom anodized aluminum part that allows you to connect the PPK-1 Mounting plate to the assembly. There's nothing this mount can't do!

Not using your PIVOT Case today? Just remove the PPK-1 arm and you're good to go with any other devices you may use that aren't compatible with the PIVOT system yet.

Please note: There is no functional difference between the Yellow PPK-1 and the new Gray PPK-1 2.0. Your order may ship with either part.

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