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Item Code: FB2201

FlyBoys Oversized Checklist Pages

Our Price: $0.60
Fits your standard printer paper (folded in half) with ease!
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Item Description

Only at, these are great if you are ready to start putting originals in the pages instead of shrunken copies! As you can see, a full size Jeppesen chart slides right in! Now your mission data cards fit, your target photos can get more detail in them, and your attack cards slide right in without making a trip to the copier to shrink or the paper cutter to trim!These are the same construction as the regular, just bigger.
  • Sturdy construction equals long life.
  • Easy to use, with thickness that resists getting brittle or tearing in cold environments.
  • These pages ship in bulk with NO COVERS. You can order as many or as few as you need
  • Top-Loading
  • Excellent for protecting your local approaches or condensed aircraft checklist.

Buy only as many as you need, but know that once you start using these, you'll find more and more jobs for them!
Spacing on the holes matches up with the FlyBoys KneeBoard with Eyelets and Jeppesen charts.

Inner Dimensions are 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" (215.9mm x 139.7mm) - really makes a difference.

Need a bulk pack? Check out the FB2205 25 pack that includes a cover set and economy metal rings.

**This is a GSA item! Tell YOUR Life Support and/or Resource Advisor today! See our GSA Page for a complete listing of our products on GSA Schedule!

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