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Kids Flight Suits Info

Kids Flight Suits Info

Cool, cute, and realistic!

If you're looking for an authentic, fully customizable kid sized suit, you've found it!

This is a legacy information page. Please click here to see the current page.

With Pre-Flight by Fly Boys, you are able to pick from dozens of different kinds of nametags, command, aircraft and other patches. Fly Boys is literally the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD offering this level of service and quality. By comparison, other suits have cheap sewn on woven patches, no options and at a higher cost. Stick with Pre-Flight - it's worth it all the way.

(please read about our suits and then use the GET STARTED LINK above to easily move through the order process)

In the Squadron, Halloween and Holidays, school pictures, family photos on the flight line. Our flight suits make memories.

Production is fast - generally within 5 days including the embroidery on nametags!

We made ordering as EASY as... 1 - 2 - 3 to get your flight suits and jackets! Read on and then GET STARTED!

Pre-Flight is designed, manufactured, and finished exclusively by Fly Boys. They are only available ONLINE, at select resellers and AAFES MCSS Stores.

At FlyBoys, our "real" job and passion is to design and make real gear for real pilots. And we're awesome at that! Fly Boys has a world-wide following for our flight gear. And, our Pre-Flight line is getting the next generation of pilots and flight crew pointed directly at the cockpits of real aircraft. We fully expect to be outfitting a lot of them with our "real gear" in the years to come.

What makes Pre-Flight so good compared to the rest?

First, we don't cut corners on quality OR realism! We know our customers and where they are going to be worn: Squadron events, Halloween, the flight line photos for Christmas cards... It HAS to look right. It HAS to fit well. It HAS to last. Parents want the best. These suits create life long memories for kids and grown-ups alike! You have truly found the best flight suit available anywhere.

Second, offering patch selections to design the suit to YOUR specifications, not the other way around. We manufacture in one color, because that is reality. Not blue, black or orange - with cheap sewn on designs. The ability to pick and choose what service (Air Force, Navy, Army, USMC, and some International versions), which Command and aircraft type your child wants is pretty cool. You choose and have a name embroidered on included.

Third, patches ship FREE by USPS First Class Mail when ordered alone, and don't add to the shipping when ordered with flight suits!

Before Pre-Flight by Fly Boys, these choices simply did not exist!

Here is what you need to know about the suits and jackets and our "Easy as 1 - 2 - 3" ordering system.

1- Pick a Suit, Jacket, or combo Suit/Jacket for an even better deal. - the suits are a cotton/poly blend available in four sizes covering toddlers through about age 7-8. Each suit or jacket has four Velcro attach points for our real patches, adjustable Velcro waist and wrist straps, pencil pockets on the arm and zippered pockets on the front. The clothing label is even made of the same soft Tyvek material as the real thing!

2 - Select a nametag - from the available list. Input the name to be embroidered. If you need more than one, just select the link and add as many as you need. Each nametag comes with the "FlyBoys Wing" Patch included for free!

TIP: These nametags are scaled for the suits and jackets too! They only have about 2.25" of usable space for names. SO: Single names, short(er) names, first names/nicknames tend to produce better than longer names.

3 - Add patches - Choose the command patch that is right for you - we have a lot to choose from. Every patch we offer is a miniaturized version of the real thing. This is so the scale is exactly right for the suit. Choose your favorite airplane(s).So, if your child's favorite plane is an F-22, they can have that patch - if they like a lot of planes, you can get as many as you want and change them out as you wish!
*You may order any combination of suits, patches and name tags!

Sizing Selection

FIVE sizes of flight suits and jackets are available, Small through XXL. The jackets are made to go in tandem with the suits, so whatever suit size your child would fit into is the corresponding jacket size to select. We recognize that children grow quickly. Our sizing recommendation chart takes this into consideration. All of these suits are roomy and allow for growth. In order to maximize the amount of time your child can wear the suit - you could even select a size that might be a little larger than they need. Many customers have said they roll up the sleeves and/or temporarily hem the legs to max out the value from the suit.

The following measurements are the best way to ensure you get the right size. The 2-3T, 4-5T sizes are strictly for use if you don't have access to the child to take the actual measurements.

*PLEASE NOTE: We get many size exchange requests from customers that ordered a medium suit and needed a small. If your child is 2-3T, a small suit may be best for them.
Small (18-24mo): Outseam=18.5, Inseam=12.5, Sleeve Length=10.25, Nape to Floor=30.0

Medium (2-3T): Outseam=23.5, Inseam=16.5.0 Sleeve Length=13.0, Nape to Floor=36.0

Large (4-5T):Outseam=24.5, Inseam=16.75, Sleeve Length=13.5.0, Nape to Floor=38.0

XLarge (5-6T):Outseam=24.75, Inseam=17.0, Sleeve Length=14.0, Nape to Floor=39.0

2XLarge (6-7T):Outseam=25.5", Inseam=17.5", Sleeve Length=14.5", Nape to Floor=40.25

You can see that no one goes to the lengths we have gone to in order to make these realistic - at very affordable and competitive prices. Only FlyBoys gives you an authentic flight suit that looks and feels like the real thing.

Create lasting memories for your child when you get a suit that is as close to Dad's (or Mom's!) as possible. Just follow the GET STARTED LINK and you are on your way!

It is recommended for longest life the suits be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry. Patches should be removed prior to washing to prevent fading.