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PIVOT POWER Flight Deck Chargers

PIVOT POWER Flight Deck Chargers

PIVOT POWER Flight Deck ChargersThe PIVOT POWER USB flight deck portable EFB charger is a simple and effective device born out of necessity for flight crews to charge their iPads in-flight after extended use. It uses the 28VDC bus, not the 115VAC/400 Hertz outlet that can be a potentially noisy EMI transmitter and a fire hazard for consumer grade chargers designed for 50/60Hertz. The internal DC-DC circuit is 85% efficient converting 28VDC to iPad voltage and supplying 10+ watts of power with overload and short circuit current limit protection. Each channel also has dual input fuse to protect the aircraft 28VDC supply bus at all cost providing fail-safe protection from an overload before, during and after the USB power conversion. See our product datasheet for additional specifications and lab reports. (hyperlink to product datasheet). Current models include 3 common aircraft plug configurations.

EFB entrance cost can be high and ongoing when you consider modifying your aircraft to meet consumer technology interfaces. STCs and aircraft utilization losses can be a drain on your EFB projects success. It doesn’t make sense to modify an aircraft for a consumer technology that will constantly evolve.

Why is a portable USB charger a good idea?

Consider the cost burdens of an installed STC solution:

  • Original STC cost
  • Cumulative weight/fuel cost
  • Line maintenance cost
  • Interval maintenance cost
  • Stores Inventory cost
  • STC Engineering order changes
  • Interval maintenance cost

Make your EFB charging solution nimble and upgradable with minimal cost to your fleet operational budget.See the B7N7 Series 200 Product Datasheet about technical specs and ordering information.

The PIVOT POWER dual 10 watt USB charger provides the required backup charging source for extended flights by using the aircraft's 28VDC power receptacle. It is a DO-160G lab tested device that was specifically designed for aircraft use and has critical safety features to protect the aircraft and the EFB system that consumer chargers simply do not have. The body is constructed of durable poly-carbonate body with a shock-proof rubber shroud designed for the rigors of flight deck use.