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Flight Gloves

Flight Gloves

Flight GlovesFly Boys has taken the standard flight gloves and improved the manufacturing quality and value for an important piece of flight gear. Our DuPont Nomex material is mated with very soft but durable leather inserts.

Our HQ has taken two years to develop this product to the standards we require of all our products. To be the best.

We get calls for flight gloves all the time and it was decided to develop our version of the standard glove.

These gloves have a great feel to them from the first time you put them on. The feel like they were made for you. Which they were! Give them a try.

Sizes are standard and we offer size 8 (Small) through 12 (2 XL). If you're not sure, you can use our fitting guide to choose the best size for you.

Take the best out to the jet with you every time.Glove Sizing Chart