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Opaque is our most popular ring color. See the patented milled stainless locking clasp and know that your checklists are staying right where you tell them to be! FOD prevention is a must and our rings are the cheapest investment towards asset protection.
All of our rings do a great job at keeping plastic checklist pages or your local In-Flight Guide together. The monofilament is "low drag" so pages really glide as you flip pages, and the stainless steel locking clasp is very low profile - this means less potential for binding as pages are turned.
See how you can integrate your important in-flight documents into our FB1316 Kneeboard for minimum distraction while flying. This extra level of organization is crucial to making the most of every minute of every sortie.
Dark red color except in the brightest lights. Locking clasp is stainless steel.
Black is a great option if you like the completely subdued look with your kneeboard or checklist books. Clasp is stainless steel.
Item Code: FB1000-OPQ-IND

FlyBoys Checklist Ring

Our Price: $0.99
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Ring pricing at $0.89 ea begins at 10 rings.


Item Description

NSN 7520-01-537-1229 (opaque only)

All rings are made in the USA.

PLEASE NOTICE: FB1000 RINGS ARE $0.99 PER RING with price breaks for larger orders. For example, the price is .89 ea for just 10 rings up to 249 rings, then as the volume increases the discounts get better!

  • 1-9pcs $0.99 ea
  • 10-249pcs $0.89 ea
  • 250-499pcs $0.86ea
  • 500-999 $0.82ea
  • 1000-4999pcs $0.80ea
  • 5000+ $0.78ea

Durable. Unbreakable. Multi-Purpose. Safe. These rings aren't just for checklists anymore! Opaque nylon ring to hold your checklists and in-flight guides on our Fly Boys Kneeboards (with eyelets). Or use them for outdoor use where metal rings would rust or wear out. The days of the metal ring are over. Here is why.

Featuring a patented ball-lock design (photo inset) to prevent FOD out on the flight line. This is not hinged. There is very little resistance to checklist pages when they move over this closure. The nylon ring is very low resistance as well. Pages really slide well, getting you to the page you want without the problems metal rings used to give.

As far as Safety goes, there is no question this is the ring to use. You don't need to be trying to get 10 of your checklist pages off of the cockpit floor so you can finish your Electrical Failure checklist! Once they are closed, they stay closed.

These rings are affordably priced, considering they virtually last forever. Also, considering the cost of a jet engine is 5+ million dollars - it is the cheapest and best FOD prevention tool available!

When closed, they are a 1.5" diameter ring. Opened, they stretch to 5". For most applications 4 rings is plenty for keeping your checklists or inflight guides secure.

If your squadron doesn't have these rings for you, they should! FOD prevention is serious stuff. FlyBoys is the #1 supplier to the USAF.

Also come in 10 packs (see expanded photo) for our retail partners.

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    **This is a GSA item! Tell YOUR Life Support and/or Resource Advisor today! See our GSA Page for a complete listing of our products on GSA Schedule!

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