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Updated with our rubberized Fly Boys logo. This bag is ready to roll the minute you take it out of the box. Check out our embroidery options and personalize your bag.
High visibility light gray interior helps to find smaller items that may be loose in the main cavity. Dividers included too, which allow you to size the compartments just the way you want. There's a lot of little things that make this bag the best value on the market today.
Heavy duty stiffener on the bottom (interior) of this bag make it the ultimate protector of your important flight gear, approaches and manuals. The Rubber feet at each corner keep if from sliding on aluminum aircraft flooring or other similar materials.
Gripping textured strap makes this bag a favorite for those in need of a spare hand. Put this bag on your shoulder and it's staying there. Commence the "bag drag." Updated including weight distributing bar-tacks on high stress points of the shoulder pad. Longer lasting strap. Silent zipper pulls won't clink as you walk and won't hook on anything. Inset picture shows how the LOOP on the top meets with the rolled up tongue to stow it out of the way while using the bag in the cockpit.
The back of the bag has slots for sectional and enroute charts - between the main body and the external pockets. The external pockets on the back will fit lots of gear. You have plenty of options when it comes to setting this bag up for the way YOU need it to perform. On the strap, you can see the HD clasp on the shoulder strap for easy attach and removal. Durable, great load bearing capabilities and the swivel makes sure the strap doesn't get twisted. These are metal clips, not plastic - they will last!
Item Code: FB3300LG

FlyBoys Large Crew Bag

Reg. Price: $139.95
Sale Price: $89.95
Gear Protection (+44.95):
Queue Jumper (+5.95):
Embroidery: more info
Click Here to customize this item
Wings (+10.95)
Name (+10.95)
Wings AND Name (+14.95)
Images AND Name (+14.95)
4in X 2in. Velcro (+8.95)
5in X 3in. Velcro (+9.95)
Name (+17.95) and 4in X 2in. Velcro on TOP Flap

Item Description

Continual updates and upgrades to the FB3300LG keep this awesome bag at the top of the World Best Seller list! Lightweight but heavy duty bag and at a very fair price. As the big companies remove quality to max out profits, we incorporate suggestions from the field and make material upgrades. It's a MILITARY GRADE crew bag that outperforms every other bag. All at a lighter weight and price.

We still have all of the features you will need to get the mission accomplished, and it provides even more value. Double stitching and reinforced seams are standard. Silent rubber zipper pulls now make it so you're not clanging along in the squadron or flight line. The nylon zippers are self repairing and provide a significant level of water resistance.

The removable shoulder strap has metal hardware and a non-slip shoulder pad unique to Fly Boys. This keeps the bag from slipping off of slick nylon shell flight jackets.

Take a look at the expanded photo to see just what you can carry in this bag. It has ALL the features you need at a price you can afford. There is also a loop area on the top flap so you can put a name tag on it and easily identify your bag.

Also incorporated into our current design is an all gray interior which is not as dark as a black interior and provides enhanced visibility for finding items inside the bag in low light conditions. See how sturdy the movable/removable interior dividers (2 incl with each bag) are built. You can set your bag up the way you want or need for the mission.

The base of the unit has rugged plastic feet at each corner lift the bag off the ground and add a further layer of protection.

All of these updates and the shipping weight is still under 5 pounds! Haul your gear not the bag! Exterior Dimensions: 22L" x 15W" x 12T" Main Compartment Dimensions (unstressed): 16L" x 11.5T" x 9W". ~2700 cu in overall cargo volume. In addition to the voluminous main compartment there are 5 zippered exterior pockets and two stealth slip pockets for slim items.

Available in BLACK only.

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