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Durable and Sturdy! The textured cover is extremely resistant to dirt and grime which might accumulate over the years. Extremely sturdy binding which will last the years and is ready to travel the world with you on every deployment and TDY.
Great Layout - Complete with handy definitions and explanations in order to assist with correctly logging your flight time. In addition to everyday flying, you can log Simulator and CFT time events, as well as squadron affiliations, flight physicals, training classes and programs, checkrides, upgrade history, awards and decorations. Keep a running total of your annual time and transitions in the Flying History Record.
Left Side Layout: Easy and straight forward.
Right Side Layout: The remarks section will help you recall the mission for years to come. If you need more space, you can always use the memoranda section to add on!
Just a great logbook for either fixed wing Air Force pilots or the our Helo pilots can use the FB1053-AR version, specially designed for Army aviators.
Item Code: FB1053-AF

US Air Force Pilot Logbook

Reg. Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $26.95
Designed with the USAF in Mind! Sorry, embossing not available.

Great for civilian flying as well!

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Item Description

Originally designed by LtCol R.F. Holliker, now published exclusively by Fly Boys. This fantastic logbook represents a comprehensive look at your military flying career. Special considerations were made for this book that no other logbook will provide. If you are serious about keeping track of your flight time, and operate USAF fixed wing aircraft - this is the book you need with no question.

Record your own flying history of missions, upgrades, checkrides and awards right in this beautiful and durable logbook. This book will hold at least 10 years worth of flight history.

Don't let the computer lose one single hour of your hard earned flight time, and have a document you can refer to for the rest of your life to recall a mission. You'll be amazed at the recall you will have based on your quick post flight entries.

DIMENSIONS: 9" tall x 7 7/8" wide x 1" thick. Ship weight is ~1.5lbs.

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