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These rings have stainless steel cable wrapped with PVC for maximum strength.
See the difference in size compared to our standard FB1000
Item Code: FB1003-RED

7" Red XL FlyBoys Checklist Ring (Braided Stainless Core)

Our Price: $1.29
Jumbo Checklist Ring with stainless-steel inner core and locking closure.
If this ring is still not big enough, try using two of our standard sized rings put together!

Item Description

Introducing a new size of checklist ring for the thickest checklists. This ring has the trademark stainless locking mechanism. The cable is coated with a flexible PVC coating that can handle all environments without cracking or peeling. Strong and flexible. Available ONLY in RED.

PLEASE NOTICE: FB1002 RINGS ARE $1.29 PER RING with price breaks for larger orders. For example, the price is $1.20 ea for just 10 rings up to 249 rings, then as the volume increases the discounts get better!

  • 1-9pcs $1.29 ea
  • 10-249pcs $1.20 ea
  • 250-499pcs $1.16ea
  • 500-999 $1.12ea
  • 1000-4999pcs $1.09ea
  • 5000+ $1.06ea
Special order available for CLEAR, BLACK, ROYAL BLUE. This ring measures approx. 7" when stretched out and 2.3" diameter when locked.

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