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This picture shows the larger XL ring (opq) around the smaller FB1000 (black) ring. The larger FB1002 ring is 2.25" diameter when closed. The smaller FB1000 ring is 1.75" in diameter.
This picture shows the smaller FB1000 ring next to the larger FB1002 XL ring.
Item Code: FB1002

FlyBoys "XL" Checklist Ring (2.25" dia.)

Our Price: $1.12
XL Checklist Ring - 2.25" Diameter
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Item Description

This XL FB1002 Checklist Ring is 2.25" in diameter compared to ~1.75" for our FB1000 Checklist Rings. One of the pictures you see here shows the larger ring encircling the smaller ring.
For the sake of clarification, when you order the FB1002 item you get the larger ring shown, not the black one sitting inside the larger one. The locking mechanism is the same stainless-steel ball-and-knob design as on the FB1000, it's just a bit larger to accommodate more pubs. As with the FB1000, this ring will work great on our FB1316 Kneeboard.

PLEASE NOTICE: FB1002 RINGS ARE $1.12 PER RING with price breaks for larger orders. For example, the price is $1.07 ea for just 10 rings up to 249 rings, then as the volume increases the discounts get better!

  • 1-9pcs $1.12 ea
  • 10-249pcs $1.07 ea
  • 250-499pcs $1.02ea
  • 500-999 $.97ea
  • 1000-4999pcs $0.93ea
  • 5000+ $0.90ea

Like the FB1000, this larger ring is constructed of extremely durable, corrosion-proof monofilament and stainless-steel. It will open when you want it to open and stay closed when you need it to stay closed. Steer clear of cheap, dangerous metal "office rings" and upgrade to the only checklist ring style that is approved by the USAF for FOD prevention!

Please note for orders of 1000pcs or more we can offer colors such as red, blue, purple, etc. Stainless-steel inner core option is also available. Lead-times and pricing varies so contact us for a quote.

Made in USA!

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