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Embroidery Services

Embroidery Services

Embroidery Services2015 is here and the Fly Boys Embroidery Deptartment keeps getting better and better. We're continually adding insignia and aircraft designs to our offerings and you can always expect our best effort to decorate your new bag.

If your badge or design isn't in a dropdown list, please use the CUSTOMER SERVICE TAB and submit an inquiry! We just haven't gotten to it yet. But we probably will.

On top of our normal great work on our gear, we're now able to do small (or large!) run hats, shirts and tees for embroidery. Our work is great and so are our prices. We want to earn your squadron, unit or group business.

Fly Boys is up to the task of making our great flight gear look great - we know you'll be happy with our work!

No matter what time of year it is, our embroidery department is working very hard to make sure your custom gear gets done right and goes out in a timely manner. We have it figured out and stand behind our results.Completion Times: Officially, we still work against our published time of 7-10 business days for shipment, but typical turnaround time can be as quick as ONLY 5 business days, and many times we complete orders within 48 hours.

If your items show availability for the QUEUE JUMPER program, you can insure that your gear will jump to the head of the production line. This is great for people who need their customized gear and have to meet a deadline.

The embroidery professionals on site here at FlyBoys.Com offer exceptional added value to your flight gear with our custom embroidery. Select from ever-expanding lists and combinations of Wings and Badges, Aircraft Images and 16 different thread colors - and you input your Name as well. **Take a look around, what other company cares enough to offer these kinds of special services... NOBODY! Plus, our work really looks sharp and is an excellent value.

TX DPS Pilot Wings Lasts as long as you have your gear, and if you misplace it, you have a lot better chance of getting it back if your name is on it!

Products that can be embroidered will have the option to select it on the product page, if it isn't there, we can't sew it!

Remember to add shipping transit time to your location for an approximate delivery date.

Your completed custom order will be shipped via customer selected shipping method immediately after completion of the custom embroidery. Orders that have a combination of custom and stock items will be shipped together.

If you desire a badge or logo that is not offered, we will work with you to have it digitized and formatted for our embroidery machines, we're adding new badges all the time and we'll get it done right. Digitizing: The cost for digitizing a new image is variable so don't hesitate to ask! You'll never know unless you ask for a quote. Just email us ( and send a JPG or scan of of the image you want digitized and what you want it on and any other details you can think of - then we'll take it from there with the quoting. Items that have been custom embroidered CANNOT BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED unless FLY BOYS has made the mistake. We go solely off of the information that is placed in the boxes, so check twice for correctness. Thank you, we are looking forward to putting the final touch on your new Fly Boys gear!