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Item Code: FB2210PK

Checklist Book and Ring ComboPak

Reg. Price: $45.90
Sale Price: $42.95
Please remember to select BOTH page type and ring color options! Not doing so may delay your order!
2 FB2202 Books (50 Pages) & 20 Rings
2 FB2205 Books (50 Oversize pages) & 20 Rings(+1.75)
50 X-Tall Pages (no covers) & 20 FB1000 Rings(+4.00)
50 Top-Load FLIP Pages (No Covers) & 20 FB1000 Rings (+2.25)
Queue Jumper (+1.99):

Item Description

The "books" of pages either come LOOSE or bound with 1" metal office rings - the photo above is as an example of how you can put your combo to work! Thank you!

What a Great Package deal for Large orders and Groups.
just like getting rings and pages free!

This special is pretty simple. If you are buying for a group or organization, this might really save you a lot of money.

Fly Boys has made these combinations permanent selections due to the popularity! - so enjoy the permanent savings opportunity!

For all of the specifics on the individual page sizes and othe product information please refer to the rings and checklist page.

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