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All three options: S model, GT model, T model
GT and T models
A variety of chargers are available for purchase. This picture here shows the GT and T model, the plug configuration will fit the GT or T model, polar twist style, whichever you select.
Item Code: PP-B7N7-T-220

PIVOT POWER Charger for NEMA ML-1 or ML-3

Our Price: $450.00
Generally compatible with European Carriers' Boeing 737's, Airbus, ATR, etc.
Please select your PIVOT Power Charger: 
B7N7~GT~220 (ML~3)
B7N7~T~220 (ML~1)

Item Description

The PIVOT POWER USB flight deck portable EFB charger is a simple and effective device born out of necessity for flight crews to charge their iPads in-flight after extended use. It uses the 28VDC bus, not the 115VAC/400 Hertz outlet that can be a potentially noisy EMI transmitter and a fire hazard for consumer grade chargers designed for 50/60Hertz. The internal DC-DC circuit is 85% efficient converting 28VDC to iPad voltage and supplying 10+ watts of charging power with overload and short circuit current limit control. Each channel also has a supply power thermal fuse and a load (device such as iPad, cable etc...) fuse in the event of cable or battery short circuit. This triple protection provides fail-safe protection from an overload condition before, during and after the USB power conversion. This portable device is DO-160,section 21, category H, compliant. The conclusion of all test show EMI levels well within the standards necessary for flight deck use.

Different types of NEMA sockets

NEMA 6-15R (straight plug PIVOT charger. S model.)
ML-3R (polar twist plug with center key PIVOT charger. GT model.)
ML-1R (polar twist plug PIVOT charger. T model.)

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