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Shown here in green LEDs, the twin beams illuminate only what you want to see and keep glare to an absolute minimum. You can expect 8 hours continuous burn time or significantly longer for intermittent use.
Here is the overglove model. This one fits over bulky gloves and is ideal for cold-weather environments.
Snug and comfortable without being too tight, the GLOVELITE is available in medium for size 8-9 and large for size 10+. Button is easy to activate even with your other gloved hand.
Red is ideal for preserving night vision.
Item Code: GLITE


Our Price: $24.95
GLOVELITE - Pinpoint tactical illumination! Major upgrade over typical finger mounted LED lights.
We do not have any items or colors other than the items below.
White LED Left Hand Medium
White LED Left Hand Large
Red LED Right Hand Medium
Red LED Right Hand Large
Red LED Left Hand Medium IN STOCK
Red LED Left Hand Large
Green LED Left Hand Medium
Green LED Left Hand Large

Item Description

The GLOVELITE is perfect for inspecting tight spaces and is a natural for in-cockpit lighting when low-lumens are required to preserve night vision and keep glare down. Available in white LED for maximum brightness as well as RED and GREEN LEDs for NVG compatibility.

Constructed of thin, lightweight 0.5mm black neoprene with a smooth fabric liner, the GLOVELITE stretches comfortably over your hand or glove (overglove model available) and stays put.

GLOVELITE batteries last over 8 hours in the continuous "on" mode and considerably longer if used intermittently. The 2016 button cells are easy to find and easy to replace. Instructions and a user manual are included with every product.
This product has a LIFETIME WARRANTY from the manufacturer - can't ask for more product support than that!

SIZING INFORMATION: The medium size is for smaller to medium (size 8-9) hands. The large size fits size 10+.

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